Getting Started with IaC and Cisco Secure Firewall

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a modern approach to infrastructure management. In this article, we'll explore how IaC can help with deployment and configuration of Cisco Secure Firewall in the Cloud using Templates. We will show you the how to get started and where to find key resources to help you accomplish this goal.

IaC for Cisco Secure Firewall using Templates

1.1. What is Infrastructure as Code?
IaC is a method for managing infrastructure using code instead of manual processes. This approach helps automate tasks like deploying and configuring network firewalls, reducing errors and ensuring consistent security policies across different environments.

1.2. What are IaC Templates?
Templates are ready-made configuration files that you can use as a starting point for creating and managing your infrastructure. They help standardize deployments, making them faster and more reliable.

1.3. Benefits of Using IaC Templates

  • Save time: Templates speed up infrastructure deployment.
  • Reuse and share: Templates can be used across multiple projects and teams.
  • Easy updates: Templates simplify the process of maintaining and updating infrastructure configurations.

Getting Started with IaC and Firewall Management

2.1. IaC Tools for Deployment and Configuration of Cisco Secure Firewall
To begin with IaC, you'll need to choose a tool of preference. Some popular options include:

Cloud Formation (AWS)
ARM Templates (Azure)

2.2. Finding Templates and Resources
You can find templates and resources for IaC in the following places:

Cisco DevNet Template repositories (Terraform Registry, Ansible Galaxy)
GitHub repositories - Cisco Secure Firewall on CiscoDevNet

FMC Provider - Terraform Registry

FMC Provider - Terraform Registry

Cisco DevNet Repository for Cisco Secure Firewall Templates

Cisco DevNet Repository for Cisco Secure Firewall Templates

Training resources

If you need assistance or want to learn more, check out:

Cisco Secure Firewall YouTube Channel: Automation & Cloud Section
Cisco DevNet page for Secure Firewall
Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Resources Page

Cloud Resources Page for Cisco Secure Firewall

Cloud Resources Page for Cisco Secure Firewall


Infrastructure as Code simplifies network security by automating firewall deployment and configuration ensuring consistent security policies. Using templates makes the process even more efficient, allowing for quicker and more reliable deployments. By exploring available resources and leveraging templates, you can begin to harness the power of IaC to enhance your network security.